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Carat vs Karat - What is what?

20 September, 2022

20 September, 2022

Gold or Dahab is arguably one of the most coveted metals of all times. Its journey from having an unknown discovery to being widely used and highly popular metal is certainly amazing. All through the ages, this precious yellow metal has been appreciated for its luster and beauty. It holds a position of pride in human history, and its usefulness, due to its special properties, has made it a memorable metal.  
In the initial times, gold had multiple uses, which hints at it being considered very precious during those times. Let’s find them out…





Carat is a word that’s associated with gemstones, including diamonds. 

Have you heard your colleague show off her engagement ring of 5 carats?  

Or your girlfriend expressing a desire for a 2 carat engagement ring?

Carat is one of the four C’s - Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat. These 4C’s are the most important factor while buying a gemstone and are also responsible for the price of the stone.

Did you know that the word carat comes from carob? A carob bean is used as a chocolate substitute, and the weight of one carob is said to be equivalent to that of a carat.

TIP: An increase in carat weight does not guarantee a steep increase in the price of a stone; other factors also play a role in the price hike.




Karat, on the other hand, is used to denote the purity of gold. The amount of pure gold is usually denoted in Karat.

24K is a common term that people often hear. What does it mean? It means 100% pure gold. When we say a certain item is made of 24K gold or is coated with 24K gold, it means that it is made/coated with 100% pure gold.  

Gold, in 24K purity, is really soft and can be moulded with bare hands. That’s why you will never find jewellery made in 24K gold.  

In order to make gold durable and suitable for making jewellery, it is mixed with alloys. As the gold percentage decreases and the alloy percentage increases, the price of gold used also decreases. The different purities of gold are - 23K, 22K, 21K, 18K, 14K and 9K.

TIP: For buying gemstone or diamond jewellery, go for at least 18K gold as anything higher will not be strong enough to hold the stone in place, thus resulting in the loss of your precious stone.  

To sum it up:
Karat is gold purity
Carat is gemstone weight

We have started a series on gold shopping wherein we are targeting each and every important aspect of gold shopping.

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