• 18 K (750) BHD 16.27
  • 21 K (875) BHD 18.98
  • 22 K (916) BHD 19.87
  • 24 K (999.9) BHD 21.69
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  • 18 K (750) BHD 16.27
  • 21 K (875) BHD 18.98
  • 22 K (916) BHD 19.87
  • 24 K (999.9) BHD 21.69
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Unlock the perfect omnichannel experience for your customer.

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Why sell on GoldCityMall.com™?

GoldCityMall.com™ is a unique networking concept for all jewellery business stakeholders. It is a premium marketplace for jewellery retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail customers. It provides an exclusive opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect, transact, and invest.

A unique opportunity to transform the business model with a physical store and online store, community experience, online sales, offline conversion, and smarter decisions for the entire ecosystem sums up the GoldCityMall.com™ experience.


If you are a

  • Manufacturer of jewellery products, or
  • Wholesaler of jewellery products, or
  • Retailer of jewellery products

And, if you have

  • A professional-looking showroom in Bahrain, and
  • A catalogue of premium quality jewellery products

And, you

  • Want to expand your business and adopt a futuristic business model
  • Intend to bid for custom jewellery requirements of retail customers
  • Are interested in buying pre-owned jewellery from customers at large
  • Wish to engage in B2B trade with manufacturers/wholesalers
Then, you are at the right place – GoldCityMall
GoldCityMall.com™ – the treasured address that you were looking for To become the most talked about brand in Bahrain. Contact us for a subscription
Digital marketing to help you drive traffic and sales

We make available to you an omnichannel marketing approach to create a consistent brand experience. This ensures an increase in traffic and sales volume for your business.

Your online business is ready as soon as you register with us.

Customers find your business more accessible and more engaging. You get immense opportunities to showcase your products and deals and thus, improve customer experience. This helps you attain a higher search ranking, thereby boosting revenues, both online and offline.

GoldCityMall.com™ - A futuristic B2B and B2C business growth model for jewellery retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Contact us for a subscription
How do you become a merchant on GoldCityMall.com™?

We onboard you as a merchant on GoldCityMall.com™ by following the below procedural steps:

step 1

You show your interest in GoldCityMall.com™

step 2

We have an initial discussion on the subscription plans available

step 3

You share your trade license, VAT certificate, and showroom picture with us

step 4

Our team will visit your store and perform the due diligence

step 5

If everything is fine, we send you a merchant kit and merchant agreement

step 6

We create a unique web address for your store and onboard you as a merchant on GoldCityMall.com™

step 7

We provide you free training and support to help you build your store and product catalog

step 8

Now, you start selling and enjoying the benefits of GoldCityMall.com™’s B2B and B2C collaborative environment

step 9

Grow, grow, and grow
Your exponential growth is guaranteed with the powerful GoldCityMall.com™ platform. Become a merchant on GoldCityMall.com™ and start selling today Contact us for a subscription

Our pricing plans

We offer two plans
  • Listing fee-based plan
  • Transaction fee-based plan

You may opt for either of the two or both.

In the case of a listing fee-based plan, a fixed monthly fee per product is charged, and in the case of a transaction fee-based plan, a % of making value in the case of gold jewellery and bullion products and a % of total sales value in the case of diamond and silver jewellery products is charged.

Get in touch with us to know more about our subscription plans.
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Instant Payout

GoldCityMall.com™ has tied up with several payment gateway providers. You enter into an agreement with the providers and thus be sure of getting the entire sale proceeds directly credited to your account. This ensures immediate, hassle-free payment as soon as the transaction happens in your store in GoldCityMall.com™

For every transaction, we maintain records for your smoother compliance with VAT-related requirements.

Now launch a brand new jewellery store in less than 24 hours with ZERO capital investment! Contact us now. Contact us for a subscription


We are one of the first online malls that contain more than 100 jewellery shops in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our website will make the shopping experience easy and convenient.

Here's what makes us unique:

  • One-Stop Solution For Gold Shopping
    Gold City Mall is an online jewellery marketplace where you can buy, sell and invest in the most unique and beautiful jewellery.

  • Supporting Jewellery Industry
    There is no GoldCityMall Warehouse, it's merely a bunch of jewellers selling what they love.

  • Service Beyond Expectation
    Our service makes it easy to buy or sell gold jewellery online with complete security and privacy.

GoldCityMall is a fine jewellery and bullion marketplace designed exclusively for the residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Sell on GoldCityMall is now reserved exclusively for retailers from the country only.

Once your products are live at GoldCityMall, anyone can shop from your store. As and when the customer places an order, it will be checked and approved by the admin. Once done, it will be assigned to you to fulfill the order.

Yes, you can sell your products at GoldCityMall even if you don't have a website.

You can sell gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, and investment-grade bullion products on GoldCityMall.

Yes, the customer will interact directly with shop from your online store through GoldCityMall.

One of the biggest advantages of signing up at GoldCityMall is in this regard. When a customer buys your jewellery or bullion, the money will be directly credited to your account.

Sign up at GoldCityMall for the merchant account at https://goldcitymall.com/sell-on-goldcitymall. Our marketing team will get in touch with you, complete legal formalities, and you can start listing your products. Once approved by our admin, you can start selling your products on GoldCityMall.

GoldCityMall takes into consideration the live price of gold while arriving at the sales value of the gold jewellery item. You only need to specify the labour charges (making charges). This is done to ensure transparent pricing and build an environment of trust among merchants and customers.

Logistics will be taken care of by GoldCityMall. However, you have an option to pick up the item from the store.