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What, When, and More about Rings

December 27,2021

Pretty, easy-to-wear and charming, rings have been a hot favourite of people for ages. They are popular choices to signify engagements, weddings, and even as everyday accessories. But is that all? Or is there more? Let’s find out.

What is a ring?

Ring, in simple words, is described as a circular band of metal, precious or decorative, that is worn on fingers and toes as well. Over a period of time, many changes and additions have been made to the basic design of rings.  

In current times, rings are found in a variety of eye-catching styles and designs. They are also embellished with vibrant gemstones for added luxury and meaningful significance.

Glorious History

Evidence suggests that people across the globe have used rings for indeed a very long time. The earliest existence of rings can be traced back to the tombs of ancient Egypt. Throughout history, there have been different types of rings, and they have had a variety of uses.  

For instance, early Egyptians wore signet rings that had the owner’s name and title (in hieroglyphic characters) and were used as seals. On the other hand, in the Roman empire, rings were used to symbolize social status. As a result, only those who held high offices were permitted to wear gold rings, while others had to wear iron ones.

Is there any symbolism?

Contrary to belief, the use of rings is not limited to being ornamental. They have functional symbolism too. Rings have served as seals, decorative items, symbols of authority, social status, and fidelity. Additionally, rings were also used to pledge and declare love, a tradition that can be traced up to 3000 years ago (surprise-surprise).

Interestingly, it is believed that Romans were the ones to connect rings to love and marriage. Hence, they started the custom of presenting betrothal rings! The Greeks and Egyptians shared a similar belief and thus, held rings in the highest regard.

Meaning of Rings on Each Finger

The connection between rings and the fingers they are worn on is largely based on disciplines like palmistry, spirituality and even culture. Although there are no scientific bases to these connotations, they are still widely believed. The most common and accepted interpretations are as below. 

• Index finger

The first finger is usually said to represent leadership and self-confidence. So, in the ancient era wearing rings on the index finger of either hand was usually reserved for royalty. Whereas, in some middle eastern cultures, rings on the index finger symbolize marriage.

• Middle finger

This finger is believed to signify balance, responsibility and soul-searching (talk about heavy work!). Hence, rings worn on this finger were embellished with gems like aquamarine, which has soothing properties. Moreover, many people do not attach any meaning to rings worn on the middle finger and leave it open to an individual’s interpretation.   

• Ring finger

Most of us are aware that this finger is the preferred choice to adorn engagement rings and wedding bands. In fact, there is an interesting backstory here. The ancient Romans believed that the vein in the left ring finger travelled right up to the heart. This vein was called vena amoris, the vein of love, and therefore it made this ring finger the chosen one to wear wedding rings. Ancient or current cultures support this notion, but the right or left ring finger is an ongoing debate.

• Little finger

Colloquially known as the pinky finger, rings worn on this finger have various significance. It is said that wearing a ring on the right little finger represents a person’s professional status, usually engineering. Another take is that in the 19th and 20th-century men wore two rings on this finger to symbolize their marital status. Lastly, and most surprisingly, it was said that rings worn on the pinky could probably also signify association to the mafia!!

• Thumb

The thumb is believed to be a symbol of willpower and assertion. Also, many people believed that rings worn on this finger signified wealth too. Simply because rings designed to be worn on this finger required more material due to its size and thus were expensive to create.

Types of Rings

Depending on the metal used to design the ring, the presence or absence of gemstones, the meaning of the gems used, rings can be classified
into different types. For ease of understanding, we have divided them into some common categories like:

• Metal rings

Rings that are simply designed with precious or semi-precious metals are included in this category. The metals used can be iron,
silver, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium or more. Although the metal chosen is a personal preference, it is recommended to look at the
durability and resistance of the metal before making a decision.

• Birthstone rings

Each month of the year is associated with a different gemstone which is known as a birthstone. In addition to this, every
birthstone also has a symbolism attached to it which adds to its significance. Therefore, many people choose to wear their birthstones, and one
of the popular ways is to design them into rings.  

• Promise rings

As the name suggests, a promise ring is given to declare one’s love and an intent to marry in future. It is a very popular tradition
to present promise rings amongst couples in western countries. These promise rings can have various styles and designs, and the choice is
largely dependent on people’s personal preferences.  

• Engagement and Wedding rings

Engagement rings depict the bond of love, commitment and a desire to spend forever with your loved one. At
the same time, wedding rings are a step ahead and signify the beginning of your shared journey of life with the one you love. Designs of rings
representing such life-changing occasions are usually one-of-a-kind, many times symbolic or even denote the couple’s or individual’s
personalities. The most favoured choices for engagement and wedding rings are eternity, infinity, solitaire, two-three-five-seven stone designs.

Well, it is safe to say that there is a lot to say, read and know about rings. With changing times, there has been an evolution in the styles and
designs of rings, but it has in no way reduced the importance of this beautiful finger adornment.  

Therefore, the next time you shop for rings, consider the history, symbolism, and types of rings along with style, design, and cost before
purchasing. After all, the ring will reflect your taste, style quotient and say a lot about your personality!